Named for Fredonia Mountain, an escarpment of the Cumberland Plateau that hosts sweeping views of the Sequatchie Valley, a portion of the Trail of Tears, and the historical home of a thriving coal mining operation-turned-museum.

Tasting notes: Inspired by raw milk Stichelton, Fredonia is a natural rind cave-aged blue with aromas of lemon and yeasty bread dough. The paste is fudge-like with notes of fresh buttermilk and toasted sourdough, and brothy, umami, morel mushroom towards the rind.

Pairs nicely with: Tawny port, stouts, good quality chocolate, sourdough toast, and oatmeal cookies. Makes a wonderful after-dinner dessert course.

Raw Milk - Aged 90 Days

Traditional Rennet

Natural Rind Blue

Size: 9lb/wheel