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Gruetli is named for the small town of  'Gruetli Laager,' located just north of the farm atop the Cumberland Plateau. The town was founded in the late 1800's by German-speaking Swiss immigrants who brought with them their skills in cheesemaking. While cheese is no longer made in Gruetli Laager, our Gruetli pays homage to their alluring past. 

Tasting notes: Gruetli is a traditional semi-hard mountain cheese, inspired by cheeses found in the French and Swiss Alps. Aged on Southern white pine and washed with brine weekly, its firm texture, sweet toasted nuttiness, and savory brown butter undertones make it especially nice for grating and melting.

Pairs nicely with: Most any white wine, lambics, sweet or dry cider, roasted veggies, and pickles. Melts beautifully in fondues and cheese sauces.

Raw Milk - Aged 6 Months

Traditional Rennet

Alpine Style

Size: 25lb/wheel