Use this Cheese Calculator to determine how much you will need.

If your store has a cheesemonger, talk to them! They are experts at answering all of your cheesiest questions and know just what to pair and serve your selections with.

Don’t be discouraged by various colors of mold on the rinds of cheeses. They are part of the natural flora of the cheese and can contribute interesting flavors. If you’re not sure, ask!


If your cheese comes wrapped in plastic, remove it when you bring it home and wrap it in cheese paper, parchment paper, or wax paper.

For especially runny cheeses, store them in a small Tupperware or glass container. 

Cheese likes humidity, so keep it in your vegetable crisper if possible.

A little mold growth is ok, simply slice it off before eating.

It is better to buy small quantities at a time and eat quickly than to store for long periods, as the refrigerator will dry your cheese out.


Bring your cheese to room temperature with the wrapper still on to prevent drying.

Typically 30 minutes to 1 hour will do. Take the wrapper off just before serving.

You may wish to slice or chunk a bit of the wedge/wheel in advance to let guests know how the cheese should be eaten.

Eating the rind of a soft cheese is a matter of preference, there is no wrong way to eat cheese!

Record your favorite experiences and pairings in a cheese journal or app for easy reference.